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When moving a senior adult into an Assisted Living Center, there are a few questions that you should ask.

  1. Ask for their input.

Do they prefer  to live on an upper or lower floor.?

Do they want to live close to an elevator?

 Do they want an enclosed property, or is it OK with them if they need to walk outside in order to eat in the dining room?

  1. Do they have a budget that they are trying to stick to?
  2. Are there any special meal considerations?

 Do the need a no sugar diet, a low salt diet, or do they prefer all fried foods?

Different facilities offer different meal plans.

  1. Will all of the furniture fit inside their new residence, or will some of the furniture need to be shipped or blanket wrap moved to relatives in another city? Do they prefer inside white glove delivery, or  curbside delivery for the furniture that they are giving away to their relatives?

These are a few general questions to ask when you begin looking for an assisted living facility.

In Houston, pack and send moves senior adults into assisted living. We can pack, move and unpack. Please contact us for more suggestions to make the move go smoothly.