Shipping your vehicle across the country can make you feel anxious. You know it is not the same process as shipping a package.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., would like to set your mind at ease as we discuss shipping your vehicle domestically. We have 25+ years experience shipping automobiles domestically for dealers, companies, and individuals. We also ship car parts – engines, windshields, bumpers, doors, tires and more.


Reasons why automobiles are shipped

Weighing the option to fly, which involves time and expense, allow you to see that shipping can be the better option. Here are varied reasons why people decide to ship their vehicles.

How do you ship a vehicle?

No matter what reason you have for shipping your vehicle, Pack-n-Send, Inc., is here to help you. Convenience and customer satisfaction are our top priorities! We know you have a busy schedule and we want to make your process hassle-free. Our professional shipping coordinators will be by your side throughout the entire process.

Door to Door Vehicle Shipping

How can I prepare my automobile for transport?


At Pack-n-Send, Inc., we strive to be as transparent and informative about every detail involved in getting your vehicle to its destination. We discuss the year, make, model and current value of your vehicle.

We can guarantee you that Pack-n-Send, Inc., will take the time over the phone to answer all of your questions. We will always get the job done! You will save on money and time when shipping your vehicle.

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