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Preparing for an Office Move. Office Relocation Tips


  • Start planning about six months- twelve months ahead of time. Besides the physical moving of office equipment that you are planning, vendors and customers that you do business with will need to be notified about your move ahead of time.
  • A commercial realtor will need to be chosen to help you lease or purchase the correct location for your business. Leases will need to be reviewed and signed.
  • Stationery, business cards and envelopes will need to be reprinted to show your new address. The new address will need to be posted on the internet.
  • Promotional products that have your current address will need to be reordered.
  • Movers will need to be interviewed. Freight elevators will need to be reserved.  Certificates of Insurance will need to be printed and given to both your new building and your old building so that your movers can enter each building.
  • A move co-coordinator will need to be appointed in your firm.
  • You will need to set up your internet provider and have the water bill transferred to your business. You will need to research electric rates at various electric company.
  • If you need a company to pick up trash, you will need to sign up for a waste disposal company.
  • Keep your employees informed with details about the move and the move date. Employees may want to change their living locations if they can move closer to the new office. Let employees know what will be requested of them during the move. Will they pack their own belongings, or will the moving company handle the packing and unpacking. Will any late or weekend hours be required by employees during the move?

These are just a few of the things that will need to be addressed when you are moving your office to a new location. For help with your office move, please feel free to contact us. OFFICE EQUIPMENT

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