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Whether you are moving for a job or to be closer to family, there are a lot of logistics involved in planning for the move.

First and foremost , you need to decide what to do with your  current living arrangements. Are you considering this a temporary move? If this is the case, you may want to lease out your current house for a year or so.

That  way, you have income coming in, and possibly a place to return to if you do not like the new city that you are living in.

You can plan to either purchase a new home in the new locality or simple  lease a home there until you have made a decision about your final living arrangements.

The timing of moving your furniture may depend on when you lease your current residence. You can either book a traditional move, or you can have your furniture freighted to the new location.  Sending furniture via freight may mean that you do not have to wait for a moving truck or a small load move truck to pick up and deliver your belongings.

If your new residence has less space, you might want to consider either selling or donating some of the furniture that you will not need.  You can even lease out a climate controlled storage unit if you decide to keep everything.

If you move everything out of the house and want to sell it, you can use a house staging expert. The company will have your house look lived in while you are enjoying your furniture in a new city.

These are just a few ideas  to help your move to another city proceed smoothly. For more information about a household move, please feel free to contact us. Pack n send has been in business since 1981.