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One key to having a successful trade show? Planning ahead to ensure that no costly mistakes during the shipping process impact your exhibit. Here are some considerations you should take into account as you pack and ship your materials while you preparing for your trade show:

Label Everything

Label all booths, boxes, pallets, and crates to help you stay organized as you unpack. Labeling will help prevent a mix-up of your merchandise and equipment with the merchandise and equipment of other vendors.

Create a Checklist

Before you ship your packages, create a master list of everything you are sending and everything you need to bring. Be sure to include any audio or visual equipment that is part of your exhibit as well.

Take Out Coverage for Your Materials

Get coverage for the value of your booths, merchandise, and equipment that you are shipping. This will offset any financial issues if your materials are damaged during the shipping process.

Contact the Venue

Check in with the event staff well in advance, asking the following questions about the venue:

  • Ask if there is a resource available outlining specific exhibitor guidelines. As a reference point, consult the George R. Brown Convention Center exhibitor guidelines online to get an idea of what to expect.
  • Ask if the venue has specific receiving dates, hours, or receiving docks intended specifically for exhibit shipments.
  • Find out ahead of time if there are specific hours to have packed trade show booths picked up following the event.
  • Will you have internet connectivity on the event floor? Are electrical outlets available or do you need to bring a power cord?
  • Does the venue require you to use a preferred designated freight company?
  • Get the contact information for the event or venue staff who are coordinating shipments.

Ask the Shipping Company to Use Reusable Crates

Using reusable crates will help you cut down on shipping costs in the future, as you can use them for future trade shows.

Ensure You Have the Appropriate Documentation

Before you leave for the event, make sure you have all registration documents needed to register for the trade show.

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