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Shipping a parcel to an international destination can be a bit challenging – especially for someone without any global shipping experience. Unfortunately, some novices add to these challenges by attempting to handle international shipments on their own. Below is a look at the five most common pitfalls experienced by people who do not use a trusted international shipping company.

1) Documentation errors

Failure to properly prepare a commercial invoice and packing list can lead to major roadblocks with your overseas shipment. You can avoid this pitfall by enlisting the services of an experienced international freight shipping company that will coordinate your shipment and documentation.

2) Customs delays

Few things are more frustrating to shippers and consignees than customs delays. Common reasons for customs delays include insufficient shipping documents, address errors, poorly written descriptions of goods, and missing tariff codes. You can avoid these delays by working with an experienced international freight company.

3) Over-billing 

If you have never shipped goods overseas before, it will be difficult for you to know whether you are paying a fair rate for your shipping services. You can avoid this pitfall by refraining from using a fly-by-night shipper who has not established a positive industry shipping reputation.

4) Shipping damage

Failure to use the proper packing materials and methods can spell disaster for a novice shipper. Before you ship your parcel, make sure that you have securely packed your goods in a sturdy carton that will resist the elements and be able to handle shipping on a cargo plane or ocean container.

5) Lost shipments

Houston is among the busiest seaports in the United States. With over 200 million tons of cargo passing through Houston, your shipment can easily be lost unless you use a trusted international shipping company with sophisticated tracking mechanisms.

The Bottom Line

The international shipping industry is not always easy to navigate. Rather than attempting to arrange an overseas shipment on your own, we invite you to contact us. One of our international shipping experts will help ensure that your parcels are safely transported from Houston to your desired international destination. We look forward to hearing from you!