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How to Pick a Container Loading and Container Shipping Company

Shipping valuable and large items across the country and overseas requires a set of skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the shipping industry and the requirements imposed by the destination. When you need to ship, here are some checkoff items to consider when you’re picking a container loading and container shipping company.

1) Experience Matters

Experience is more than just knowing what size box to use. It means knowing how to pack bulky items so they can be secure. It means knowing how to pack fragile items so the valuables can stand up to the rigors of being shipped inside of a container.

Experience, especially in shipping from one country to another, means knowing about shipping regulations. For instance,you need to use heat  treated lumber for pallets. The reason is that untreated lumber can carry pathogens or insects.

2) Paperwork Must Get Done Correctly

A good shipping company streamlines the paperwork process to take headaches away from you. Done right, the same process allows you effortless tracking of your package so you know where it is at all times. A Commercial Invoice needs to be prepared for international shipments.

3) Fair Pricing is Key

Shipping has to be figured into the cost of doing business. It has to be figured into the cost of buying things and having them delivered. Fair pricing means you know the cost upfront.

Contact Pack n Send for More Information

When you are shipping anything from a few small items to numerous large items, ask the shipping company about these three points. At Pack N Send, we welcome your questions. Just contact us and we’ll tell you anything you need to know about cargo and shipping.