Part two-Recommendations to follow when moving senior adults


  • Ask for their input.
  • Do they want to bring all of their own furniture from their current home, or do they want to shop for new furniture?
  • Do they want a interior designer or an interior decorator to decorate their new home?
  • Do they want to order custom made furniture, or are they happy to order something that is premade.
  • Do they want to purchase new clothes so that they can shine a their new residence?
  • Do they want to eat all of their meals in the dining hall, or are they planning on having family members take them out to eat a few times a week.

If  you check out these questions as you are researching a new residence for a senior adult, the move and adjustment to a new residence will go smoothly.

In Houston,  feel  free to contact pack and send. We specialize in moving senior adults  into assisted living facilities.  We help sell and or ship their excess belongings to family members throughout the United States.