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So how do you pack a deer head for shipping?  

 The answer depends on how you want to ship the deer head.

If you are looking at having a custom built crate made to ship the deer head, be sure to take accurate measurements.  The width of the deer antlers will figure into the dimensions of the crate. The deer head will need to be both blocked  and braced within the custom built crate. The bracing will be done with one by fours so that the deer head will not move while it is being shipped.  The inside of the crate should be lined with one inch Styrofoam to protect t the deer head during shipping.

Since chandeliers are also made of deer antlers, we recommend building a custom built crate for the deer antler chandelier. In this case, the chandelier will be hung inside of a custom crate. The crate should have one inch of Styrofoam on each side.  The antlers can be sunk into packing peanuts in order to prevent movement during shipping.

Another option f or shipping a deer head is to have a small load mover move the deer head and deliver it inside of a home or business. Usually the deer head will be placed inside of box while it is on the moving truck.

Facts about deer antlers.

Deer such as whitetail deer and mule deer will shed their antlers each year. It takes a few weeks for the antlers to fall off, but the antlers  usually re grow during the summer. During springtime, you can go out and collect antlers that the deer have already shed. If you mark these areas, you will be able to mark your spot where you will see the deer congregate during the  next fall and winter.

For help with packing and shipping deer antlers and deer heads, feel free to contact pack n send in Houston, TX.  In business since 1981.