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 Packing customers belongings can be interesting and lead to stories behind the items that we are packing.

bicycle shipping.jpgPacking in Houston brings together all sorts of people and companies from different professions. When the price of oil plummeted, we met workers here from other countries who had work permits to only work for a specific company. As much as they enjoyed working in Houston, they had to go back to their home countries.  Often times we only packed and shipped a few boxes for them. They usually packed mementoes of their Houston stay.  They all had positive things to say about working in the United States.

We have customers staying with family members in the medical center.  Shipping medical equipment back to their home states is one of the services that we provide to our customers.  So is packing the gifts that they have received while they are staying in Houston. It has been something as small as a picture up to a new  bicycle that a sibling received as a Christmas present.

When we pack auction house purchases, we ship internationally and domestically. Houston hosts a large online presence for auction houses. Customers ask pack n send for packing and shipping  quotes before they bid on the items that they  plan to bid on. They often let us know if the purchase is for a family member, for themselves or a purchase made for their business.

When packing paintings that have been purchased in Houston,  the artists will share their stories about the history of their painting.  Is it a personalize painting, does it tell a story,  or is it one in a series of paintings that a certain customer has ordered?

So, is packing and shipping ever boring? No way. The customers we meet and the stories they tell keeps our job interesting every day.

For more information about  packing in Houston, please feel free to contact pack n send.