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It is important to ensure that your valuables arrive safely. To do so, you must pack them properly! There are few simple steps to remember, that can ensure your goods arrive at your destination in pristine condition.

If you’re looking for ways to pack your expensive items securely, then there are some recommended steps to follow:

The first consideration you should make is to use appropriate packing materials. For instance, specialty items, like paintings, lamps or sculptures may require custom built boxes  or custom crating due to their fragility. Sending your items in their original packaging may not be the most appropriate means. When you first purchased an item, it was most likely shipped as part of a larger shipment  that was sent on protected pallets rather than in individual boxes. Instead, you may want to include smaller boxes in a larger box or crate.

When packing a larger box with multiple items, label the box  to indicate which side is up. Then begin packing with the heaviest items on the bottom. If you are packaging a picture frame with glass, you will want to make sure it is wrapped and packed properly. You may not want to ship a picture with glass with other items inside of the box.

For other fragile, high value or delicate items, think about using appropriate packaging and cushioning material. A combination of protective materials, like bubble wrap, peanuts, Styrofoam, and double boxing can be used to secure your individual items, as well as provide supportive packaging that can withstand shipment. When shipping delicate items, you should be able to press down on the top of the box and have no movement of the box or its contents. Remember that boxes are moved on conveyor belts when they are shipped with a common carrier. As the premier custom crater Houston, we suggest that all delicate and fraile items are analyzed for the best packing method before you start to pack.

Finally, remember to give yourself time to think about packing. Ensuring you are careful about the contents of each box is important. You may also want to consider numbering  your boxes and creating an inventory. You can keep the inventory with you, but do not post it on the outside of the box where it is visible.

To discuss ways to package your expensive items from the Houston area, or anything else, please  Contact Us.  As Houston shipping experts, we both pack and offer advice.