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Packing and shipping heavy items has its own set of challenges.  The packaging has to be stronger and more protective than for standard shipments.  Why? Because heavier shipments are more likely to be moved by forklift rather than human power and may have to switch trucks several times on the way to their destinations.

Shipping Heavy Items - PackingIt truly pays to have a professional packing and shipping partner pack these heavier items properly to avoid them being damaged or destroyed by handling by heavy warehouse equipment and switching between large tractor-trailer trucks.  In fact, some carriers will refuse to accept items that they feel won’t survive the crush of a hydraulic lift or the arms of a forklift.

When shipping heavy items, it is crucial that the shipping company makes sure they can withstand:

How does Pack N Send handle shipping heavy items? It starts with experienced commercial packing.

Here are some of the tips and trick we use to get your items to arrive safe and on time.

When shipping heavy Items, ship on a proper pallet. The pallet should be made of wood or plastic and be able to withstand the stress of being hauled and lifted.  Such shipments should also never exceed the weight restrictions of their pallet.

Use strong, durable packaging.  We may also add an extra level of product protection to the inside of the box by placing a layer of packing material along the bottom, sides and top of the shipment. This will provide excellent bracing and cushioning for your products. We generally reinforce the bottom of the box with extra layers of reinforced tape for extra protection, and to provide additional strength.

Take time to throughly wrap and cushion the items. Try to place heavy items in the center of the box so they don’t tilt when they are being carried, and to keep a consistent center of gravity. Surround them with a thick layer of bubble wrap or padded foam for more insulated product protection. It is essential to fill in any empty spaces inside the box. The idea is to make sure nothing moves inside the shipment. Heavier items are more likely to shift within a box, so providing surrounding packing will minimize movement.

Sometimes it is best to double box. This means you would slip the packed box into another box that is larger than the first and pad the empty space with another surrounding layer of bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Depending on the item, you want to leave at least two inches of clearance between the inner and outer boxes. Really fragile items like heavy vases will require even more clearance. You need to have adequate cushioning to protect the item in case the box is dropped or punctured.

You do NOT want scrimp on the tape. For heavier items, tape is your first line of defense – keeping the box intact, and protecting it from opening during transport.

Distributing the weight – avoid making boxes too heavy. Always consider breaking especially heavy shipments into multiple boxes and wrapping individual components separately.

With all of the benefits of hiring a professional packing company like Pack N Send, it is surprising to hear that people still try to do it all on their own. When you are planning your next shipment, consider using a professional shipping company. In the end, we are sure you will be glad you did.

If you are looking for help with your packing and shipping needs and would like a free estimate, contact Pack N Send today at, or call us directly at 713-266-1450, and we will reply promptly to assist you. Keep in mind Pack N Send is also a professional residential and commercial mover. Use our movers to pack, move, and unpack your belongings.

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