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When looking for equipment shipping, look for a company that can pack, palletize, move or box up your equipment. If the company has experience with both large and small items, and has been in business for many years, this will be a good starting  place.

Call the shipping location and ask questions.  Does company offer both  packing and shipping services? Can they ship delicate as well as bulky equipment?

A company that specializes in shipping medical equipment domestically and also offers shipping medical equipment internationally would be a good place to start. Artwork shippers are also businesses to call for  packing advice.

Why would you ask an artwork shipper to ship your equipment?  Because they will have experience packing valuable and delicate items.  Packing and shipping companies that have been in business for a long time, can move their packing expertise from one item to another item.  Some  sculptures need to be blocked and braced inside of a crate.  This is the same for some delicate medical equipment. 

If a company can pack delicate items. the more standard items  use standard packing protocols. A small item may be able to be double boxed,  a medium size item may be able to be double boxed with one inch of Styrofoam inside of the first box, and a large delicate item may need to be packed inside of a custom built wood crate.

Packing and shipping is not a one size fits all proposition. Every piece of equipment needs to be looked  at separately.  Both size, value and destination need to be taken into account when packing a piece of equipment or machinery.

When shipping internationally,  heat treated wood needs to be used when a crate is built. It will have a heat stamp on the wood.

For information about  equipment shipping Houston, or anywhere in the United  States, fell free to contact pack n send.