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When you need packing and boxing in Houston, pallet shipping or  custom built shipping crates, look for a company that has packing experience. These will be the same rules to follow whenever you are in a new city looking for a packing and shipping company. 

We recommend asking if the company you are looking at has experience shipping a chandelier. Be sure to question their ability to pack high value and delicate items. Since chandeliers come in so many different forms, you are able to ask a lot of packing questions.  Everything from do they need to build a custom crate, to are they able to fabricate a custom built crate?

Here are a few examples of the types of chandeliers that you may enquire about.

Each of these types of chandeliers will need to be handled differently and packed differently. A deer antler chandelier may need  to use less packing materials than a crystal prism chandelier.

So what if you are not looking at purchasing a chandelier, but are thinking about buying a high value  painting?  Some of the same questions may apply. How much experience does the company have building crates out of wood for shipping?  Do they know how to protect your new purchase by using the correct type of wood for your crate?  Do they plan to line the crate with one inch of Styrofoam all the way around the crate?


It may be a high value sign that you are shipping, and the same questions will apply.

For custom crate building, feel free to contact pack n send in Houston. We can answer your packing and shipping questions, and can help you with both your domestic shipping and international shipping needs.