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When packing a painting for shipping or moving, you have a few options. 

For a high value or large painting, you can have a custom built crate made. The crate will need to be lined with Styrofoam. This prevents the painting from moving around inside the crate during shipping.  The crate will be delivered either  with  curbside delivery or inside delivery.

For smaller or less valuable paintings, you can have a custom built box made. In this case, you will also need to line the inside of the box with Styrofoam. The box is usually delivered to your front door.

There is one more option. You can send  a painting on a blanket wrap move truck.  With this option, you will have your painting delivered inside.

When shipping paintings you need to look at value, the dimensions of the painting, and the destination location.

There is not one preferable method of packing and delivery. Each painting is treated for its own unique qualities when you are deciding  how to  pack and ship your painting.

For more detailed information about packing and or crating your painting, please contact pack n send in Houston.