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Organization – The Hardest Part of Moving


No matter how you look at it, getting ready for a move can feel like an overwhelming task. If you are not prepared, it really can be.

When you begin your planning, the list of things you need to do can get you turned around. Keeping ahead of yourself is the best way to go. To keep you on track, Pack-n- Send, Inc., would like to give you some tips on preparing for a move.


The first thing that you should do is have a notebook/folder/container or a created file, online – GOOGLE Docs, that includes your checklist and everything related to your move (moving quote and other related notes).

Keep all important documents (financial documents, medical records, receipts, passport, social security card, pet’s health records or certification requirements) in one safe place.


1. Preparing your home for the move

  • Sort and discard – Walk through every room of your apartment or house.
    Keep – items that you use on a regular basis.
    Give – items that you want to pass along to relatives or friends.
    Donate – items that you believe someone else can make use of.
    Sell – items that are not sentimental, but will be helpful in making extra money
    Trash – any items that don’t fit the above categories.

2.Choosing your moving company


A professional moving company, besides having an enormous amount of experience, will save you on time and stress! You will have the benefit of having your items loaded and carried to your new location! If you decide to unpack on your own, you can unpack at your leisure! If you need an unpacking service, we can do that too!

We have the supplies that allow you to pack yourself, schedule for us to load your items onto a truck, and deliver to your new location. Pack-n-Send, Inc., offers the option of BOTH packing, moving and unpacking everything!

3. Notifying all important parties

Add to your checklist contact information of what services you need to have disconnected, connected and/or transferred.

  • Electricity

4. Address change contact list

Bedsides the Post Office, you will need to notify all of the companies that you do business with – insurance provider, healthcare provider(s), magazine and any other publication services, bank(s) and any other financial institutions, shopping websites (Amazon, ebay, etc.,), clubs or organizations (Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.), cell phone provider, Internet and/or cable provider and credit card companies. Sometimes you can notify them online, some will require an email, and others will simply ask you to answer security questions if you call by phone.

Post Office – This is the first obvious place to begin.  You want to make sure that all of your sensitive and personal mail is sent to your new address. There is an option to make the address change online, and you will want to make that change one week before your move.

DMV – You will need to change your address, normally within 30 days, on your Driver’s License.  You can check the online quide if moving to another state.

Voter ID – Your Voter Registration is usually updated at the time that you change your Driver’s License address. However, you should check with your local  voter registrar’s office to make sure.

IRS – The IRS also provides an  online form, notifying them of your address change.

SSA – The Social Security Administration offers a change of address application online or give them a call at (800) 772-1213.

5. Long distance move – servicing your vehicle(s)

Having your vehicle serviced before driving to your new move location can save you money and time. Your vehicle should be in good working order.

  • Lights
    Tire pressure
    Windshield wipers
    Fluids – oil, coolant, windshield wiper fluid
    Break pads
    Break pads and clutch
    Leaks – any hoses or various components under the vehicle
    Drive belts – check for cracks
    Spare Tire

6. Moving day


  • Have your inventory list handy to match with your mover’s list
    Make sure your pet(s) are secured so that they will not run away
    Suitcase(s) holding the belongings you want and need upon arrival
    Valuables including all documents and paperwork
    Change of clothing
    Basic toiletries
    Towels and linens for the bed
    Electronic devices – chargers
    Pet(s) needs – food, favorite toys, bed

CONCLUSION: Moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming once you have a defined plan of action in place. Everything you need to accomplish can be ticked off in a systematic order with a checklist, beginning with a walk through of your home or apartment. Once your walk through is complete and items sorted, you will choose and schedule your moving company, notify all important parties of your move, make arrangements for all utility disconnect and transferring at your new location, service your vehicle for a long distance move, and last, but not least, have all of your important items set aside for your first day or night! Once your have a checklist outline, you can add to each area as you see fit.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., always stands ready to give you guidance and help with your big move! We have over 35+ years experience. You can rely on us from beginning to end!

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