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Moving can be a stressful experience. Planning, packing, renting a truck – then having to unload and unpack – is enough to cause anyone to feel overwhelmed. But, have you considered hiring a professional moving team? There are several companies who specialize not only in driving  trucks, but also in packing, loading, delivering, unloading, and unpacking items of various sizes.

Professional movers take the time to do the job right. They have the usual equipment and supplies to move furniture and other home furnishings from homes and apartments, but they also have protective materials like bubble wrap and crates to ensure that your fragile and valuable items are packaged securely and safely. Many companies also move small items from businesses and auction houses.

But what if you have larger items like medical equipment, airplanes, or even amusement park rides? Some moving companies specialize in freight packing and transporting large equipment such as these by collaborating with professional trucking organizations to get your merchandise delivered safely.  Freight shipping may be the way to move these large items. Think about Houston furniture shipping. You can decide on freight or a standard blanket wrap move.

Do you have items that need shipped overseas? Look for moving companies that will provide international shipping. This transporting can be done by air or through ocean depending on the amount of time you can spare. Ask for prices for shipping by the cubic meter or sending goods inside of a 20 foot or a 40 foot container when you request an ocean shipping quote.

Professional moving of today is more than just going from Point A to Point B. It is now a full-service business, even providing freight receiving and delivery of furniture for interior decorators. If you need it moved, whether big or small, it can be done. Make one phone call, then relax and leave the rest to the team! You can contact us here at pack-n-send, and your move will be a stress free event!