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Preparing your employees, including new hires, regarding your big office move is just as much a part of the planning process as making a decision on where the new location will be.

When the decision has been made that a relocation move would benefit the company, it is time to bring the employees into the planning circle. It is best to give every employee 12 to 6 months notice that a change will be made.

A relocation moving plan, whether to another city or another state, benefit the company, but it doesn’t always necessarily benefit each employee. There are factors involved that each employee will want to consider. Not every employee is going to want to move and others will find it a great opportunity for change.


The success of your company move will have factored in the well being of your employees as the most important part of the planning process. After deciding you want and/or need to move, your next step is to bring all employees into the loop, every step of the way.

It is best to assign a Relocation Manager who will, in turn, assign a team leader or leaders. They will be responsible for keeping employees up to date on the areas of the move that concern them. The team leaders will be able to address concerns and answer any important questions.

Keeping Employees in the Planning Loop

Conclusion: Including employees as an important element during the planning of your relocation move can make your new business relocation even more successful! Employees will need to consider what it would involve for them to move, i.e., housing, family decision, relocation package, flat dollar package, new office floor plan. Moving forward, it is time for the relocation manager and team leaders to keep the planning updated and rolling along.

At Pack-n-Send, Inc., we anticipate the issues and challenges involved in getting your business relocated and moved to your final destination. We specialize in packing materials and techniques including custom boxing, blocking, bracing, and custom crating to secure your shipment.

From local moving to out of state moves, our movers make your business transition happen smoothly, leaving you to spend time planning the work week first thing Monday morning! Business assets can be moved by a blanket wrap move truck, or transported on pallets to the new business location.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., has over 35+ years experience. We offer a price quote for packaging, shipping or moving – FREE QUOTE. All quotes are handled throughout hours of operation.

Important note: All information provided to us will be considered confidential to Pack-n-Send, Inc., and will never be sold for commercial use.

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