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Moving to another home, town, city or state can be a fearful experience for some. For example,  a child changing their environment involving a new home, a new school, a new town and new friends can be an experience that feels frightening. That fearful feeling is normally triggered by a traumatic memory of a continuous pattern of moving.

The feeling of being afraid of moving or making changes is called Tropophia. This feeling doesn’t always occur because of a continuous moving pattern. A person can simply become afraid of moving or making a change with no justification for it at all.

When making plans to move occurs, part of you feels excited about a change with new possibilities – a new home, a new job, or a new relationship. However, there is the other part of you that feels fear, because your current situation is your present reality and that reality feels comfortable and safe.

Whatever your reasons for your fears.  Whatever reasons for your move.  There are steps you can take to be an overcomer.


A professional moving company, besides having an enormous amount of experience, will save you on time and a whole lot of stress! You will have the benefit of having your items loaded and carried to your new location! You can ask the moving company to pack and unpack your belongings. If you decide to unpack on your own, you can unpack at your leisure!

Relocating can feel emotional, stressful and fearful. Pack-n-Send, Inc., has the experience you need (30+ years) to take that fear and turn it into a smooth moving experience!

We have the supplies that allow you to pack yourself – HELP! I Packed My Moving Boxes Wrong! If that is your choice, you can call and schedule for us to load your items onto a truck and deliver everything to your new location. If you need an unpacking service, we can do that too!


Pack-n-Send, Inc., offers the option of BOTH packing, moving and unpacking everything! Pack-n-Send, Inc., will also pack and ship any precious items you might have to family members or friends throughout the United States.


CONCLUSION: Moving can be a big change, which can bring up feelings of fear. There are things you can do for yourself beginning with focusing on positive things surrounding you during the process. Staying focused on what your bright future can bring will also help you get settled into your new life. There is always something to look forward to!

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