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When moving overseas, Pack N Send – Movers offers the services you’re looking for that are necessary for ensuring your move is as easy and convenient as possible. This type of move does come with its own unique set of challenges so understanding as much about the process as possible will help you navigate this transition more comfortably.

What to consider when moving overseas and using a shipping container

Many shipping container companies claim to offer International shipping in their list of services but this can often mean many different things.

In order to get the best possible results, choose an International packing company like Pack N Send – Movers, that has extensive experience in shipping containers internationally. 

Things to consider in an International Move

When you’re moving overseas and using a shipping container company to handle the shipping, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind, including things like insurance, paperwork and security. When you are planning on moving overseas costs, Pack N Send – Movers can help.

Unlike shipping in the continental U.S., when you ship your belongings overseas, your homeowner’s insurance does not cover it while in transit. Therefore, you will need to purchase a special policy to cover your items against damage, loss or theft while the container is in transit.

The containers are usually not loaded  at your home or office – so the items going inside the container need to be staged in a warehouse – this way the container can be loaded in less than one or two hours.  All individual boxes need to be numbered, with the contents listed for each box listed on a spreadsheet. We recommend using an excel spreadsheet. That way if customs is looking for one particular item, they know which box that they need to open. Keep all of the related documentation with you at all times while your shipping container is in transit.

When your shipping container arrives overseas

Most customers have the shipping container delivered to the port and hire a dedicated Customs clearing agent to handle the customs clearance. Generally, the companies that deliver the containers  from the port usually give a one hour unloading time before-  there are charges for wait time. Be sure to inspect the goods inside the container for any visible signs of damage. While most moving overseas companies have international shipping of storage containers down to a science, ships can still experience turbulent weather while in transit and shipping containers may get jostled.

Documents to Keep Ready and on Hand

There are some essential documents you’re going to need to keep on your persons while making an international move. These include:

Lastly, be sure to provide the moving overseas company with your new address, Phone number, and email address abroad so they can easily get in contact with you if necessary.

Pack N Send – Movers is ready to help youContact us today for all of your international shipping needs at, or call us directly at 713-266-1450, and we will reply promptly to assist you in getting your shipping container packed and ready for moving overseas.