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moving medical equipment.pdfWhen moving medical equipment or shipping high value medical equipment, be sure to use a professional packing company.  Machines such as X-ray, scanners, computer tomography scanners and centrifuges all require special treatment.

Look at valuation requirements, the time frame you need the machinery shipped in, the pickup and  delivery requirements. Do you need a custom built box, a custom built crate, or does the machinery need to be placed on a pallet for shipping?  Does the receiving facility have a loading dock. Will the machinery fit through the doors of the facility that you are shipping to?

Sometimes a standard freight shipment with dock delivery is what is required. Other shipments need a blanket  wrap move with  inside delivery for the medical equipment. Receiving hours need to be verified, and also manpower at the receiving end need to be set up ahead of the shipping.

If an inside delivery is required, is a Certificate of Insurance also required? Do freight elevators need to be reserved?  If the equipment is being shipped to an international destination, can it ship inside of a container, or will it ship by the cubic meter. If it is being sent in a single crate, have you requested heat treated wood that is used for international shipping?  Does the receiving country require any documentation from their government so that the medical equipment can enter the country? 

While these may seem like a lot of contingencies, it is easier to answer these questions before you start the shipping process.

Houston has the largest medical center in the world, so equipment is constantly being shipped and received. Once equipment is sold, the shipping process begins. As doctors move offices, equipment must be protected during the move within the city  or when their equipment moves with them to a new city.

When you are looking for packing in Houston contact pack n send. We can answer your questions about shipping medical equipment from Houston, and shipping medical equipment internationally.