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Its sometimes difficult for children to adapt to change.   And, moving to a new home is certainly a big change.  Before the actual move, there’s usually a level of heightened stress.   The children want attention and you want to get the house packed and ready for the movers.  It can cause some anxiety.   There are ways to alleviate some of the stress for you and your children.

Explain what’s happening.   Take them to the new house so they can see where they’ll be living.  Point out their room and talk about the fun they’ll have there.  That will give them something to look forward to.  If they’re old enough, let them help with some of the packing… maybe their toys or clothes.  If possible, have them stay with friends or family on moving day.   That way you can devote your time and attention to the move, without having the children underfoot.  Its easier for all concerned.  Be sure to leave out some of their favorite toys.   So, the new home will feel a little familiar.

We at Pack n send love helping families move to a new home.    We also offer full packing and unpacking services.

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