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Real people do not have perfect moves.  With all of the planning in the world, there will be one or two things that just do not go according to  plan.

moving a house.jpgTake a woman who just redid her  entire house. The first week that the house was on the market, her washing machine broke.  A few towels to dry up the floor and the house was ready to show again.  Since she was planning to move into an apartment after her move, she decided to use a laundry service or use a friends washing machine for the next few weeks. Did she plan for this?  No, but she did not let it ruin her moving plans.

Take the customer who made a list of everything that he needed moved from  one city to another city. He had listed everything out perfectly in a properly made list.  Unfortunately he forgot that he had leased a storage unit. The contents needed to be moved. Not a catastrophe, but still the loading took longer than he anticipated.

So, why are you reading this before the summer  moving  season?  It is so that you can relax and know that even thought you plan, list, and recheck everything, things do happen.  If you know that you can look back and laugh at these mishaps, it will let you have a much more relaxing move.

Look for a moving company that has been in business for a long time. Ask them for suggestions.  Can they help you pack and unpack your belongings? Remember, this is your move, and you  want it to go smoothly.

At pack n send in Houston, we have helped customers move things since 1981. Whether you are planning a move within the city, or out of state, we can help you plan  your move .