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Here are a few ideas to  put on your moving list when you are moving into a new home.

Contact the electric, water and gas companies and give them the date that they need to stop service at your old residence.  Give them the date that they need to turn on service at your new residence.

If you plan to clean the old residence, make sure to leave the utilities on until you are finished cleaning your old residence.

Call the utility companies to set up service at your new residence. If you plan to clean the new residence, or put down  shelving paper before e you move in, you may want to turn on your utilities a few days early.

Once you have the keys to your new residence we suggest changing the locks (all new hardware if possible) and  also change the code to the garage door opener.

Look for all smoke alarms and put in new batteries.  Keep a list of the dates that you change the batteries.

If you have carpets in your new home,  you can clean them before any furniture or boxes are moved into your new home.

If you plan on replacing the floors, do this before you move in. That way you only have to move your furniture one time.

Find out where the turn off valve is for the water. If you live in a warm climate, make sure to have  something to wrap the outdoor pipes in case you have a hard freeze.  Find where the gas shut off valve is located, as well as the electrical box. 

If your new residence has a backup generator, make sure that the green light is on.

Pack n send  recommends having a check off list so that you can make sure that your move runs smoothly. Whether you are  moving next door, around the block, to a new city  or are moving internationally you can follow these steps. 

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