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Are you moving or shipping a taxidermy animal?  Taxidermy is an art form.  It includes the preparation, stuffing and mounting of the skins of animals. With winter upon us and hunting season in session, hunters want to display their trophies.

Take for example a deer head.  It makes a wonderful gift to a family member or you can ship it to your winter home in Colorado or Montana.

Here are a few easy steps to get the deer head ready for shipping.

Be prepared to build a custom wood crate to fit the deer head, antlers and all.  You will need to block and brace the deer head so that it does not move during shipping. We recommend using a professional crate builder to build the crate for you.  If you are building the  crate on your own, add one inch of Styrofoam anywhere where an antler or the head could hit the sides of the wood crate. Use  1″ x 4″ wood for the blocking and bracing. In many ways,shipping a taxidermy mount is like shipping a sculpture. Proper packing and protection of delicate parts are needed when the crate is built.

For more questions about building and moving a custom crate, feel free to contact us. We are a Houston moving packing service for custom built wood crates as well as custom built boxes.