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Moving After A Divorce


Divorce can be a huge disruption in a life. Making the decision to uproot and move can add to the already emotional stress involved. Emotional stress can often take a greater toll on quality of life than physical pain. Getting through pain is a process and it is true that time is an effective healer.

There are things you can do in the meantime to help alleviate some degree of stress while working through the painful process of a breakup. The first step is to keep yourself centered and focused.


The key point to self-care is that if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be in a position to help others.

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  • Reach Out – Close family and friends can take away some feelings of loneliness and offer a solid buffer. Employers and employees can also be very helpful aps a support system. Although each situation is as different as the person, trying to keep everything inside can lead to burn out. No one has to broadly share their personal challenges, but it can be helpful and natural to confide in close colleagues.
  • Focus on Self-Worth – Self-worth is about who you are (your identity) and how you value yourself as a person. You must trust your feelings and not on responding to the feelings of others. Trusting your own feelings will help you recognize unfair demands being placed on you and you will be able to respond to them better.
  • Develop your talents – Everyone has them! Make a list of your talents and hobbies. Write down the things you want to work on to improve. Make a bucketlist! Learn to paint, be a better cook, advance your education, etc. Having goals will keep you focused. Every morning, rise up and focus on your strengths.
  • Help Others – Look around and see if there is any person or family that could benefit from your help. Babysitting for a tired mother, reading to a Senior Citizen, baking cookies or a meal for someone. Helping others is a great way to avoid being lonely and is a self-filling way to begin and continue the healing process.
  • Keep Active – Finding a way or the time to exercise is not only physically healthy, but does improve mental health at the same time. If joining a gym is not a possibility, simply walking in your neighborhood or nearby park is a wonderful, healthy way to connect with nature. Jogging on a mini-trampoline or treadmill while watching your favorite television program is another way to get in some exercise. Change it all up if you feel bored or restless – just keep active!

Keep in mind that you are not alone. There are many people in the world who have or are experiencing the same feelings. According to the American Psychology Association, “about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce, and the divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher.” And remember, there will come a day when it will be your turn to be a strength to another – Pay it Forward!



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It is important to put your financial life in order:

  • Divided property – Divide items you own together by making a list of any assets and debt. Before you begin your moving process, allow your attorney to settle the matter of divided property.
  • Joint accounts – Close all bank and credit cards. If possible, pay off balances on any account(s) you my have.
  • Creditors – Contact and inform any and all creditors that you will not be responsible for debts that your spouse may continue to incur.
  • Credit Report – Verify that your credit report is in order and accurate.
  • New Accounts – Open and/or update any new bank and/or credit card accounts.
  • Financial records – Keep copies of all financial records, birth certificates, school records, tax returns and any other important documents you may have.
  • Change of Name – If you are planning to change your name, update your Driver’s License, Social Security Card and any other accounts and important documents.
  • Selling your Home – Locate a reputable realtor who can negotiate for the best price possible.


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During this emotional time of your life, there is no doubt that packing and moving can add additional stress. Pack-n-Send, Inc., is aware that this process is a sensitive and emotional experience. We are fully capable and have the experience to pack and move a few items or the contents of the entire household.

Before you make plans to move, it is important to check your most recent court order so that you will stay within the area defined by that court order. After all, you wouldn’t want to be in contempt of court.

Can you imagine having someone else take care of all the details of your move? What if all you need to do is make one phone call, and your move details are handled? Are you looking for someone to arrange movers, pack boxes and manage the moving day?

Pack-n-Send, Inc., is just that company for you! We are a complete packing and moving service and will supply you with all necessary moving supplies so that you can pack yourself, or you can hire Pack-n-Send, Inc., to pack your belongings for you. Getting a closet packed can be overwhelming. We also offer the option of a “wardrobe box”. All of the clothes will go from the closet into the box and back into the closet while they are still hung up. If you need an unpacking service, we can do that too!

CONCLUSION: Divorce can be a huge disruption to your life. Staying centered and focused is key. The important elements to consider at the beginning of the divorce process are: self-care (take care of yourself so that you can take care of others), putting your legal and financial affairs in order, and planning a move. We know that moves can be emotional as well as stressful. It is our goal to help you have as stress-free of an experience as possible!

Pack-n-Send, Inc., always stands ready to give you guidance and help with your big move! We have over 35+ years experience. You can rely on us from beginning to end!

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