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furniture moving houston tx.jpegIf you are looking for blanket wrap shipping and moving,  or just moving a small amount of furniture from one city to another city, furniture shipping companies abound throughout the United  States.

While some families have a four thousand square foot house to move, many families have a few boxes and a few pieces of furniture to move.  These families have many options at their disposal. A small load mover can load the furniture and boxes onto their truck. They can pick up the furniture inside of the house, and then deliver it inside of their new residence.

There is also the option to have the furniture picked up inside of the house and then placed on a freight truck for curbside delivery. This lets the recipient schedule the delivery date and time. They can then unload the furniture and move it inside of their home on their own.  This is often a cost saving moving alternative.  College students and new graduates often use this moving method.

For families that do not want to use the curbside delivery option, the furniture can be delivered to a freight receiving warehouse. The warehouse personnel will take the furniture off of the pallet, inspect it and then deliver it inside of a home.  Curbside delivery is often used for  individuals living in rural areas, and cities where moving trucks do not often drive through.

Senior adults usually prefer to use the blanket wrap move option. That way, all they need to do is watch their furniture be loaded and unloaded.

Businesses also use freight shipping for their office equipment, furniture and merchandise.  Interior designs and interior decorators have new or refurbished furniture sent to freight receiving warehouses. Here again, the furniture and accessories are taken off of the pallets, inspected and then delivered to the client. If you are looking for a furniture shipper Houston TX. or would like to move furniture from anywhere in the United States, you can follow these moving guidelines.

For more information about small load moving, freight shipping and freight receiving, feel free to contact pack n send in Houston.