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There are options when you are moving a single piece of furniture from one city to another city. You can use a traditional blanket wrap mover. As an alternative, you can freight one piece of furniture.

Using a Moving Company to Move Furniture

So what is the difference?  With a traditions mover , the moving company that you choose will come into your home, and load the furniture into the moving truck. The furniture will be blanket wrapped and protected during the move.  There will be many other clients single pieces or small amounts  of furniture also traveling on them moving truck. The mover will call a day in advance of the deliver y to set up a delivery for the next day.  The mover  will take the furniture into your home or business.

Shipping  Furniture via Freight

When you move your furniture via freight, you have a few options. You can deliver your furniture to the freight shipping and receiving warehouse, or you can have the mover pick up your furniture.

The furniture will then be wrapped and loaded on a pallet. The pallet will be lifted by a fork lift and place on the freight truck. The freight truck will make multiple stops loading other customers freight on the truck.

The pallet will be delivered to a freight receiving warehouse. The person receiving the furniture will be called in order to set up a delivery date and time that is convenient for the receiver of the furniture.

There are two options for the delivery. Either the pallet containing the furniture can be delivered to the business or residence while it is still on the pallet. This is called a curbside or loading dock delivery. It will then be up to the receiver to take the furniture off of the pallet and take it inside. The other alternative is to have the pallet containing the furniture unloaded at the freight receiving ware house and loaded onto a traditional moving truck. The movers will then take the furniture inside of the house or business.

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