Moving a senior adult into an assisted living center. Part three


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  • This is a list of things to consider when you are moving a senior adult into a new residence.
  •  Ask for a floor plan for the new residence.
  • Find out what  pieces of furniture the person you are moving would like to take with them Check to see if it will all fit into their new living space.
  • Is there anything that they would like to donate.
  • Do they want to ship any china, silverware or mementos to family members.
  • Make them a part of the move.
  • Do they have a preference as far as the floor that they are on.
  • Do they want a patio or a porch?
  • Do they want to face an garden, or the street.
  • Check if the new space will be noisy or quiet based on the  outside traffic or noises.
  • Will their rooms face the sun in the heat of the day if they are in a warm climate.

These are all things that can be checked out before the move, to make the senior adults move go smoothly.

Feel  free to ask pack n send questions about the move. We specialize in moving seniors into assisted living facilitiesPacking companies, like pack n send  can pack, move and offer to  help sell and or ship their excess belongings to family members throughout the United States.