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 Here is a list of  some things to take into account when you are moving a senior adult into a new residence.

Find out if the location they are moving from or moving to needs a Certificate of Insurance. If needed, have it ready a week before the move.  Some facilities require this Certificate before the movers can move anything in or out of the building.

See if you need to reserve a freight elevator. Are there specific times when you can move in or out of a building? Is there a specific door to use that is closer to the residents living space.  If the movers can park close to the residents room, you may be able to save on move time.

Can you pack non essential items such as extra linens  before the move day. That way, all you need to be concerned about on the move in date is getting the resident over to the new location. Whether a  senior is moving one piece of furniture or an entire house load of furniture you will need to plan ahead. Consider moving a single piece of furniture to a family member.

Can you arrange to have the old apartment or home cleaned after the resident has moved out. That way all the senior needs to do is  go from one location to another on move day.

Have you let the new location know your move in time ahead of time. That way, they can have someone greet the new resident when they arrive.  Have you shown the senior their way around the new building ahead of time. If they are familiar where the dining room, exercise room and coffee room are, it will make them feel more comfortable when you leave for the day.

For more information on moving senior adults feel free to contact pack n send. We pack up the seniors apartment or home. We also ship the items that will not fit into their new living space to relatives throughout the country.