Moving a Home Office

moving a garage office.jpg

With the economy gaining steam, more companies are moving their offices out of their garages and into office buildings. Garages  that once served as storage space for consumer goods are once again housing cars.  Warehouse space is being rented for commercial merchandise.

The key to moving merchandise is organization.

  • If the goods are still in their original shipping boxes, leave them in them for the move. Have all future pallets of merchandise directed to arrive at your new warehouse.
  • When you rent the warehouse, make sure that they either have a forklift or a loading dock. This will help you save on lift gate charges for all future shipments. Check on freight receiving hours for you new location.
  • Make sure that trucks can access the street where the warehouse is located.
    Check on the insurance that you will need for the warehouse space.

Offices that were once inside of bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms are being transformed into family sharing spaces .

The key to moving a home office is organization.

  • Pack ahead of time. Leave out important notes and a schedule for the next week.
  • Notify clients of your impending move.
  • Order new business cards and brochures.
  • Take out insurance for your new location.
  • Have you floor plan ready. You want to direct the movers where to place your furniture and You do not want to take up extra time having the movers move and then rearrange your furniture once you are in your new office.
  • If you have ordered new furniture, see if the movers can be there when it is delivered. They can inbox it for you.
  • If you have need assistance with packing or unpacking, arrange this with the movers ahead of time. That way they can schedule the time and materials into your move quote.
  • Leave your computers connected. Move them last and connect them first.
  • Mark all of your boxes with the content of each box.

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