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Moving a Commercial Office

Moving into a new commercial building is an exciting time for your business. Whether you’re shifting to a better place, a spot with better rent, or you’re in need of a different amount of work space, a new commercial office is an exciting time for your company. 

However, it also means you need to pick up and move everything from one place to the next. While your employees might be able to help move some of their personal work equipment, having them help during the real move process is not always desirable (and your company insurance may not cover it). 

Instead, if you want to keep everything safe and speed up the entire moving process, you need to turn to the professionals at Pack N Send Movers.

Commercial Office Moves should be planned.

The last thing you want to do is throw together an office move all at the last- minute. You need to document where everything is, and with the amount of technology, you likely have it is critical to take care of these objects. You don’t want to damage a computer or run into other hardware problems because you are rushing a move.

A quick move is different from a rushed move. It is possible to quickly move everything from one office site to another if you plan well. The team at Pack N Send Movers can help you plan out the move, discuss how to box everything up and how to secure everything properly. The team can even help you pack everything up to help avoid damage. This way, everything stays organized and, from there, you’ll be able to move everything from one destination to the next as effectively as possible.

Each Step of the Move is Important.

Every part of moving a commercial office move needs to be considered and is important. There will be items you will want to handle on your own (such as organizing paperwork and other items you want to have access to as soon as you move locations), but outside of these aspects of a move, you will want to take advantage of what Pack N Send Movers has to offer.

The team can help you pack everything up and then load it up on the truck. There are some companies that have employees do this kind of move, and while this is a possibility, there is a chance your insurance does not cover it, so if your employees get hurt during the move (such as straining their back or falling down stairs), your worker’s compensation may not cover this kind of injury when it is not associated with the kind of business you conduct. 

So by using a professional moving team like Pack N Send Movers, you’ll avoid these kinds of problems, all while keeping your employees safe.

A Smooth and Speedy Transition – allowing you to quickly get back to work.

When moving to a new commercial office you need the move to go as smoothly and quickly as possible. The longer it takes to move the office the more time away from your real work, which can affect clients and potentially lose business. 

That is why you need to speed up the moving process and have it done as effectively and quickly as possible. The team at Pack N Send Movers can help. 

That is exactly why, if your company is eyeing a move, you need to give Pack N Send a call at your earliest convenience. We can then help walk you through the moving process so you know the the best course of action possible.

Your Commercial Moving Company in Houston

Pack N Send Movers has been in business for over 40 years. We understand the complexities involved in moving small, medium and large businesses. Whether moving a commercial office to a local location or an out of state business relocation, we know what to expect and how to plan for each move. Our goal with every move is to limit the impact moving has on your business and to get you back up and running as soon as possible. We work with every new client to make sure your needs are met, your concerns are addressed and your expectations surpassed.

If you are in the process of planning a commercial move and would like a free estimate, contact Pack N Send Movers today for all of your business moving needs at, or call us directly at 713-266-1450, and we will reply promptly to assist in your commercial experience – and help you get quickly adjusted to your new business location.