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Houston is an on-the-go city, and at some point, you’ll find yourself going to a new office or clinic space. Moving your office equipment is one thing; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to move a desk and crate computers. But how to move your medical equipment is another matter altogether, and while you don’t need one of Houston’s many rocket scientists to figure out how to move your medical equipment, you do need to ensure that the moving company has the expertise to properly pack, crate, and move your investment.

How To Move Your Medical Equipment

Finding a company that can handle all the aspects of your move is the key to a stress-free experience–one that can pack both your office and your medical equipment. Some small things are fine to pack in regular moving boxes, with standard padding–you don’t need a special crate for a hemostat or a box of gauze. Some small equipment–microscopes, for example–need a box or crate that has the insulation and padding to absorb any bumps and bouncing.

Your major devices, on the other hand, may need custom crates that are designed and built specifically for that piece of equipment.

Here’s an example. An ophthalmologist has the phoropter–one of the most valuable pieces of medical equipment in his office. If you’re an orthodontist and don’t know what that is, it’s the machine that’s used to determine your prescription–a number of exquisitely calibrated lenses in a large case, that must be packed, crated, and moved with the utmost attention. A custom crate with custom padding to cushion the equipment and exert pressure in exactly the right places is necessary to ensure that it gets to the new location safely and ready to function.

Pack-n-send is a Houston moving and logistics firm that  specializes in high-value items, from Faberge eggs to high-tech diagnostic equipment. They have been in business for over 30 years and can be trusted to move your medical equipment anywhere–across the street or overseas. For more information about moving medical equipment, feel free to contact us.