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As the holidays approach, you might be sending treasured care packages to your loved ones far away. Or, you might be sending them items they left behind when moving overseas. Regardless of the reason, there might be certain concerns as to what can be shipped internationally and the expense it will pose to you. Here are a few reasons to consider using a reliable shipping company this holiday season.

What items can be shipped internationally?

Before purchasing and boxing items to send to a loved one, check to make sure the items are not restricted from being exported from one country to another. Many household items are not restricted; however, items such as oxidizing agents, medications, dietary supplements, and perishable products are not safe for shipping internationally. There are also numerous other items which cannot be shipped internationally, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the regulations of the receiving country.

Difficulties of trying to ship on your own.

The destination of the items that are being shipped could determine if your package runs into delivery problems. It is easier to ship to some countries over others. Some countries have multiple taxes and duties which are imposed on imports. Not to mention the economic status can make delivery a nightmare.

Will you pay tax and duty?

Actually, all countries have a tax threshold where a person will begin paying taxes. However, tax and duty do not apply to every shipment being sent internationally, but when it does apply, it can be expensive. It can be a lot to wrap your mind around if you are not familiar with the practice of sending items internationally. The best way to send packages safely and keep from overspending and not having packages delivered is to use quality international shipping companies. These companies know all about shipping packages safely, what can be shipped. Remember that duties and taxes are assessed by the country that you are shipping to.   Visit us to find out more about reliably sending overseas packages to your loved ones this holiday season.