Won something special at an Auction…..but how do you get it home?

Pack N Send has been helping art and antique collectors for years. We are experts in the gentle care and handling of special items. Shoot an email to sales@pack-n-send.com with information on what item(s) you want picked up and where you want your item shipped. Pictures and description, including size and weight would be very helpful. Or, give us the Auction House and lot number and we’ll do the rest. We’ll respond quickly with a quotation. Once approved, we’ll pick up your item and treat it with kid gloves. We’ll wrap and pack it – crating if required and get it delivered to the location of your choice.

So, shop at your heart’s content, knowing Pack-N-Send is here to get your items delivered in great condition.

Pack N Send (713)266-1450 sales@pack-n-send.com

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