Remember when you had your friends help you move and you paid them with pizza and beer?

Of course, they were helping you move a hand me down sofa, a bookcase made of 2 x 8 wood with cinder blocks and the cable spool coffee table.   Hopefully those days are over.  You’ve grown up, worked hard and have acquired some lovely furnishings.   Don’t trust them to your friends with bad backs who probably want steak and cabernet.


You want to work with a mover who knows how to protect your belonging to assure a safe trek to your new home.

Pack n send has handled small, medium and large moves.   We can move you from across the city to across the world.


You can rest assured when using Pack n send.   Some of Houston’s finest galleries count on us to deliver priceless antiques, artwork and  chandeliers.


Pack n send   713-266-1450   sales@pack-n-send.com

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