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 Packing companies that  provide computer shipping and server shipping will pack your computer for you.

Listen, we know that your computer is your baby. It’s where you watch Game of Thrones and old Star Trek episodes. You sit  in front of  it to watch Netflix. It’s your gaming station, where you join your allies to defeat evil minions or shoot up the other team, wherever they might be in the world.

Your computer is your link to the world. This is where you Skype mom and scroll (and scroll…) through pictures of friends. And their dinners.  And cats…

You order your favorite things on your computer, from books to pants, to that new kitchen set and the pizza you ate on it last night.

Your computer is your workstation. You’ve got three(!) screens so you can keep on top of everything.

Maybe you even made the computer yourself, specially selecting the components to meet your needs.

So the next time you go somewhere and your computer  needs to go too, whether it’s a gaming competition in another city, a new apartment on the other side of town or a trip to the other side of the planet, do you really want to stick it in a suitcase or backpack? No way, why risk it?

Your best bet is to have a professional packing company provide  all the protection it deserves. After all, the computer  was a little bit more expensive than you had planned. Protect your investment!  Let them protect your computer while it is being moved or shipped.

And don’t forget your monitors! How else are you going to see all those silly, adorable cats?  

Check out our page on packing computers to make sure you are protecting your computer after everything it’s done for you. And if you’re packing more than just your computer, (but what else do you even need?) why not let us give you a hand? Ask us for a packing quote.