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Even though international shipping is all about trade with other lands, it definitely has an impact on the home front too. How so? Well, when it comes to the logistics of sending goods over the ocean’s ever-shifting waves, international shipping from the Port of Houston means that hundreds of thousands of men and women in the Texas workforce can feel like their feet are firmly planted on the ground.

The Numbers

According to a 2014 study by Martin Associates, the statewide economic impact of this particular brand of logistics checks in at about $265 billion generated. Furthermore, the study reports: “Houston Ship Channel-related businesses contribute 1,174,567 jobs throughout Texas.” If the 2018 estimate from World Population Review is correct, that means that more than 4% of domestic jobs in Texas are generated from the international freight industry!

That’s the data for the state, but what about you personally? How can you tell if ocean shipping is the correct financial decision for your business, as compared to air freight?

Weighing Your Options

There are a number of factors to keep in mind, but two basic principles apply. First of all, shipping by air is going to be much faster than shipping by sea. No surprises there! So if you have a deadline for your products to arrive at their destination, or if you are shipping perishable material, it is good to consider the time frame involved.

Secondly, ocean freight allows for much greater capacity than air freight. The bigger the product, or the more numerous the products, the more likely you’ll need to ship by sea.

International freight shipping is an industry that can boost the economy of an entire city, region, state, even country. And with some due diligence, it can have a good economic impact on your business as well! If you need some help determining what will work best for your particular situation, or are looking for a specific quote, please contact us. Pack send can pack and ship things domestically as well as internationally. Our crating and palletizing services make sure that the items that you are shipping arrive safely.