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Logistics for Moving Your Office

business moving an office

When it comes time to move an office from one location to another, there are a lot of logistics to think about. Where is the best place for movers to get in and out? How will expensive electronics be moved?

This blog post will highlight how to set up an office move and some of the logistics you and your team will need to work out before an office moving day so everything runs smoothly.

Planning the move

Some buildings may require movers to show a Certificate of Insurance before they can even enter the building. Check with your landlord and see what their requirements are for an office move.

Location for the Pick-Up

While a lot of your furniture maybe have been assembled in-office, it would certainly be simpler if it could be moved out without having to be disassembled. Plot the best routes for movers to use—whether than includes stairwells, service elevators, the back door, etc. Perhaps there is a specific loading dock that would be best for movers to pull up to.

Ready Your Employees

Create an office move checklist for each of your employees to handle prior to the move. Things to include would be packing up personal items, unplugging electronics, and returning any borrowed furniture to its original location. For a bigger picture office move checklist, see this article from lawyer Hughes Marino.

Moving an Office? Pack n Send Can Help!

If you have an office move in the near future of your business—whether you are moving a single desk or 300 employees—Pack n Send can help! Contact us today for more information about office moves.