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A Guide to Make Moving Alone Easier.

It can be freeing to live alone. Having your own place for yourself, the freedom of decorating it as you please, and being able to create a schedule and routine of your own – essentially doing everything you want, when you want to – is a fantastic thing. But then comes time to move into your apartment or home.

Everyone knows how time-consuming and stressful it can be to move to a new place. Because you are moving alone, you may not have all the support a family has when they move together. This doesn’t mean that you cannot make the entire process much simpler.

Asking for help is always encouraged, so you shouldn’t feel bad for doing it. Chances are your friends are just as excited for you, and the ones who can and have the time to help if it doesn’t interfere with work will be happy to help you transport your things and plan for the entire move with you. But it never fails – the time you are scheduled to move, many friends are always busy or cannot help, regardless of your offers of free pizza or beer.

The process of moving can get very stressful, regardless of how long it may take, and planning in advance can help. It’s good to not get overwhelmed with the move – and minimize your stress, and also be safe by not trying to do it all yourself. An injury during the move would just make it even more of a problem – and can keep you down for the weeks after the move.

Therefore, it is crucial to make a plan long before the moving day. This means that you have enough time to hire a professional moving company, such as Pack-N-Send, have enough time to plan your new home layout, and think about any other important details of your move. The following step-by-step guide can help you a great deal in putting together your plan and make moving alone considerably easier.

1. Sort Your Belongings Before Starting to Pack

First things first. You don’t have to pack everything before moving alone, as chances are you don’t need all the belongings you have gathered and collected through the years. There is a high probability you don’t even wear all the clothes you currently own, which is why you should consider the option of donating or recycling them.

Decluttering is a great and essential step before a big move. This is your fresh start where you only take what you truly need and want, where you can make room for new belongings and new memories. Not to mention that by getting rid of various things you no longer use or need or simply stop identifying with them, you will have less stuff to move to a new place.

2. Hire a Moving Company like Pack N Send in Advance

A vital aspect of planning this significant aspect in your life is booking a moving company, like Pack N Send, well in advance.  During the busy times of the year, many people try to move and you want to have your schedule date locked down. Don’t wait to the last minute to schedule – you might be out of luck.

Depending on how many things you need to do before moving day, such as if the apartment or house needs renovating a lot, you can create a schedule and have an approximate date on where the moving can occur. This way, you know when to schedule your moving company.

3. Plan All the Interior Design of Your Home Long Before Moving

Moving alone means complete freedom to decorate your home exactly how you want. This is such an exciting thing – to be able to plan the interior design of your home entirely and create an aesthetic that is in line with your personality and style.

But the interior design of your home can be pretty time-consuming, so it is crucial to start planning it a long time before moving. No one wants to have construction workers in their house for an extended period of time or live with the mess that can come with interior design projects.

What’s more, having a lot of time on your hands allows you to decide on all the details of the aesthetic and have a clear idea of how you want the interior to look. From choosing the right furniture in the bedroom and living room, finding the kitchen appliances you have always dreamed of having, to finding the decorative objects and items that will genuinely make your home cozy, planning the interior design of your home can take some time.

4. Consider getting help with the packing.

After decluttering, it’s time to get things into boxes. But again, you don’t have to do this alone. Pack N Send has a team of experienced, efficient packers that can bring the boxes, and specialty items needed to professionally pack and protect your items for you. Many hands can make the tedious process of packing much more streamlined, save you a TON of time, and reduce your stress.

This allows you to not take as much time off work, and to have to worry about getting the right amount of boxes, tape, and materials needed – the crew at Pack N Send will take care of this for you. So when moving day arrives, you are completely ready – and it should be a smooth, easy process  – allowing you to enjoy getting settled into your new home, and not be exhausted by the time you get there.

If you are in the getting ready for a residential move and would like a free estimate for the move or help with packing, contact Pack N Send today for all of your home moving needs at, or call us directly at 713-266-1450, and we will reply promptly to assist you in getting moved, and settled into your new home quickly and safely.