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In previous blogs, we have given you our best advice for your moving decisions, namely:

  1. Apartment Moving
  2. Moving Seniors
  3. Packing Boxes

Keep in mind that Pack-n-Send, Inc., stands fully prepared to BOTH pack and move you to your new location! As you focus on getting your pet(s) moved and adjusted, we will focus on getting the contents of your home moved.

For peace of mind, in our blog today, we will discuss the most important issues involved when moving your pet(s). With a little planning, we will show you how a smooth transition can be accomplished, not only for yourself, but for your beloved pet(s) as well.

The best advice given is to treat your pet(s) just as you would a young child. You wouldn’t place a young child into a moving van, consequently, neither would you do the same with your beloved pet(s).

While giving you information on moving your pet(s), we also understand that you are the pet(s) owner, and as such, would take into consideration the level of obedience of each pet(s)..

First things first

Check in with your Veterinarian. He/She will help get your pet ready for your move:

Tip: Air travel will require a health certificate from your vet.

A good place to check all regulations concerning your pet(s) and air travel:

Tips: Collar and tags – Update with your new address and phone number. Your new neighborhood may require it.

Section off an area in your vehicle or use a container(s), such as a crate.


Dogs will generally take a move rather well. After all, you are their leader and they will go wherever you decide to go.

However, a move can prove to be stressful for your dog(s). They may become frightened, sad and stressed. This may cause aggressive behavior.

Bring items that your dog(s) loves and are familiar with, i.e., toys, bed or blanket. Purchase doggy diapers. The change may cause your pet to have accidents.



You can get your cat more readily adjusted by bringing in a carrier. Weeks before your move, leave the carrier out and the door open in whatever room your cat(s) normally frequent. If your cat(s) seem afraid of the carrier, begin placing food items close by and eventually inside the carrier. You can also try walking around the house with your cat(s) inside the carrier.

On the day of the move, cut back on the amount of food given. This will help with a possible upset stomach. Keep your cat(s) confined while movers are going in and out. You don’t want them running out the front door!


Time and distance need to be considered. Most fish are able to survive a 48 hour period of travel. Anything beyond that time factor is putting the fish at risk.

Your fish should be the last item packed. Before you move, clean the tank and change the water. Avoid feeding your fish for 24 to 48 hours before moving. This will allow your water to stay clean during the move. For the next 5 days, switch 20% of the water on a daily basis. If stopping at night, do not leave your fish unattended in your vehicle.


Allow your Veterinarian to check to see if your bird(s) are healthy enough for your move. He/She will be able to provide you with tips and possibly suggest supplements for digestion, which are normally taken a month in advance of a move.

If you are making an international move, check the requirements. You may need to fill out paperwork to ensure your pet(s) can move with you. (Link)

If using a carrier, give your bird(s) a month to adjust, and make certain the carrier is large enough to house your bird(s) properly. Pack your bird(s) food and toys separately. You don’t want toys flying around during a move, causing an accident.

Small Pets

Hamster, gerbils and guinea pigs

Create an environment in your vehicle which is stable. You will want to make sure that your containers are sealed properly to avoid any escape route. Covering the container can produce a stress free environment, blocking bright lights and movement. Remember to regulate the temperature along the way.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., hopes our quick tips for moving your beloved pet(s) has helped you in your preparations for your exciting new move!

Again, we stand ready to assist you in any way we can! We are ready to BOTH pack you up and move you to your new destination!

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