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It is time to not panic when you realize that you  have not included all of the items that your freshman needs when they move to college.

Moving to a new city can be challenging. Moving your student to a new college takes a lot of planning.  While many students use the furniture lent to them by their university, some student take the furniture that they used in their own bedrooms.  Custom made rugs and drapes are also shipped to  college campuses.

About a week after college starts we see an upbeat in boxes, glasses, forgotten books and extra clothing that parents are  shipping off to college campuses. Sometimes it is just overnight shipping of a credit card.  It can even  be the students bike or car that needs to be immediately shipped to another  city.

While parents try to plan ahead for every situation when they shop and pack for their college student, there always seems to be something missing .

It can be parents from a southern state who sent their student up north with shorts and t shirts. Perfect for Gainesville Florida or Houston Texas weather, but not so great for Massachusetts  or Vermont. While ordering over the internet can handle most of the clothing issues, a family car may be a better option than asking your 18 year old to purchase a new vehicle on their own.

When shipping small items to a college dorm, have your student request the college or university address that is used for package receiving. Packages may be sent to a central receiving area, to the students dorm or to the students room. Let the receiver know that the package is on the way, so that they can track the package.

If you need help with the packing, shipping or car moving, feel free to contact us. We are pack n send in Houston, TX.