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There’s so much to consider.  First, you’ll have to rent a truck or trailer.  Figuring out what size you need and when and where to pick it up.   And, that takes money, time and coordination.

Then you’ll need to either round up several friends to help or pay strangers to do the heavy lifting.   That can bring lots of uncertainty.  Are these people trustworthy?  Will anything be damaged when non-professionals are doing the move?  Will there be any hurt backs?  How long will it take?

When you use Pack N Send to handle your move, you’ll be working with seasoned professional movers.  What that means is they’ll be efficient, careful with your belongings and insured.

So what’s it worth to use a professional movers.   Let’s add up the benefits:

-One call does everything.   We have our own trucks and employees.

-Because our movers are so experienced, they will be faster and more careful during the move

So, before you do it yourself, contact us and get a quote.    You’ll see it’s the smart choice.

Pack N Send     713-266-1450   

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