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International Tips and Tricks: Shipping From Houston To the United Kingdom


The United States and the United Kingdom share a language and (to an extent!) a culture. Because of this special relationship, private citizens and businesses alike are prone to finding themselves with the need to send items directly from the U.S. to the U.K., especially from economic hotbeds like Houston.

Despite the similarities between the two nations, shipping to the U.K. does have numerous quirks to navigate. Here are a few notable things to watch out for, some tips on securing your items, and a sampling of the types of restrictions you might run into:

Familiarize Yourself With Import Restrictions

The United Kingdom has relatively strict requirements for imports, which items sent through a Houston shipper will be subject to regardless of the recipient.

The U.S. government maintains a helpful document that covers the major restrictions, while the U.K. updates their full list here.  We recommend at least reading through the U.S. summary (it’s not that long!), but here are some selected examples of restrictions relevant to sending items through your local Houston shipper:

As you can see at a glance, these are relatively obscure restrictions, some stemming from the broader sphere of EU regulations. Exceptions for many situations can be applied for with the U.K. government.

Special note: If you’re considering sending raw wood or bark through your Houston shipper, the U.K. and by extension the EU have major restrictions on the species and the condition of the wood, largely as a measure to prevent the spread of invasive insects or other tree blights. 

How To Prepare Your Items For International Shipping Conditions

Our close relationship with the U.K. doesn’t remove the unfortunate fact that your items will have to survive the rigors of international shipping and processing through customs before they reach their destination.

Large or small items need to be packed securely and meet labeling standards for the recipient country. It is recommended to take extra steps to secure your items.

For large items, a local custom crater in Houston is the best option. They’ll make sure your item is packed to arrive without issue, handle the rigors of scrutiny by customs, and pass along any warnings if they know of any restrictions you might run into.

Special note: Shipping items to Northern Ireland requires both the city name and the county name fully legible on the shipping label.

Shipping From Houston, TX to the United Kingdom

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