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International cargo and shipping into the Dominican Republic has a few prohibited items. The list of these items will change over time, so we have included a link to the   prohibited and restricted items. International shipping companies review these lists when they ship to the Dominican Republic.

 Here are some of the prohibited items:

Fact 1

The Dominican Republic is the 2nd largest nation in the Caribbean.
It is  comprised of 31 provinces which are further divided into municipalities. It is the second largest nation in the Caribbean.

Fact 2

The capital city of Santo Domingo was founded in 1496.

 Fact 3 

Multiple languages are spoken in the Dominican Republic with Spanish being the official language.  Italian, German and French are some of the other spoken languages.

Fact 4

Almost all of the food that is served in the Dominican Republic is grown or caught there. Hence the nickname : breadbasket.

Fact 5
The national game of the country is baseball. Some of the world’s best baseball players are Dominicans.

Fact 6
The country experiences a tropical climate with seasonal changes in temperature. Rainfall varies according to seasons.

Fact 7
The Dominican Republic is noted for the invention of the  meringue style of music. It is a fast-paced dance music.

Fact 8
The Dominican republic is listed as one of the top 10 producers of cocoa in the world. The most popular drink that does not contain alcohol is coffee.

Fact 9
It’s currency is called the Dominican peso.

Fact 10
The predominant religion current in the Dominican Republic  Catholicism.

Fact 11

The country obtained its independence on August 16, 1865 

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