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International Shipping Tips: Sending Large Items From Houston to Israel

city of Jerusalem in Israel

Israel is a country in a constant state of expansion, making it the perfect place to find buyers for large items like furniture and art.

Israeli institutions often go a step beyond simple utility. Consider the Hebrew University Medical Center, both a crucial hospital for treatment and research, as well as the host of the internationally renowned Chagall Windows. The 12 sequential stained glass panels by famed artist Marc Chagall tell the story of the Israelites, bringing in countless art aficionados to the kind of location that otherwise might be devoid of tourism.

Your Houston business likely has customers waiting for you in an eclectic, growing economy like Israel’s. The first step? Sorting your process for international cargo shipping from Houston to Israel. Here are some tips to get you started:

Find A Trained Professional To Prepare Your Items

Furniture, antiques, art, and other items that are notoriously difficult to ship even domestically are some of the highest demand products from Israeli customers. 

You’ll need your items to be packed securely in appropriate international cargo containers that meet both Israeli customs standards (especially proper marking, which we’ll get into) as well as a unique fit based on your item’s shape, material, and weight.

Consult with a certified Houston shipper trained in international shipping techniques for each type of item you plan to send. Give them all the information you can on your item, of course! For example, furniture crafted from softer wood might need different packing materials than a more robust variety, and it never hurts to make sure your international shipping partner is aware.

Follow Israeli Shipping Protocol

The most important aspect of international shipping from Houston to Israel is following Israel’s particularly exacting standards for labeling. Trade regulations between the United States and Israel are not particularly harsh; however, their labeling standards for all international items are expected to provide more information than many countries require.

The U.S. embassy in Israel outlines the full details here. Make sure to read this document in full! Of particular note:

Before You Sell, Know Your Restrictions

Israeli imports from the U.S. are very much open. The relationship between the two countries is close, and business relationships between U.S. and Israeli citizens are very much encouraged by both governments.

Most of the restrictions — a full list is provided here — are boilerplate for importing items into any country. A few notable exceptions relevant for Houston international shipping:

Find a Full-Service Shipper in Houston

Above all, you’ll need a good Houston shipper with experience in international freight and packaging. To learn more about how to take on the challenge of safely shipping your large items to Israeli customers, don’t hesitate to contact us today!