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Shipping containers are the most efficient means of transport across the globe. Today, there are estimated to be over 20 million shipping containers in the world. You will find five or six million shipping containers being shipping around the world on vessels, trucks and trains on any given day! In total, they average close to 200 million trips a year!

According to The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger, their invention made a major contribution to the globalization of commerce in the second half of the 20th century, dramatically reducing the cost of transporting goods and hence of long-distance trade.

It is estimated that several million of these containers have now been discarded due to the shipping cost of sending them back to their port of origin. That provided for some ingenuity! Shipping containers are being transformed into a refuge for the homeless! They have also been used to build a shopping center and individual homes.

Besides moving household goods, goods (items that help feed, clothe, and supply everything we need) are packed inside of cartons or crates, stacked and wrapped onto pallets, and loaded inside of a container to be transported.

How is palletized cargo stacked in a shipping container? Size is the first consideration. Even though other sizes are available (20′, 40′, 40’hq (40′ high cube), a 20′ shipping container is the most common size and most cost-efficient way to transport goods. The palletized cargo is commonly stacked 2 pallets high, 2 pallets wide and 8 pallets deep. That would make 16 pallets in total.


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When you are ready to make the step for an International move, Pack-n-Send, Inc., can pack, palletize, and load your shipping container. Containers are shipped via the ocean to almost anywhere around the world. We can ship your goods to over 250 countries!







Preparing to Ship – Look over a list of restricted items that are either prohibited or restricted from shipping to your particular country of choice.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., has many contacts and resources, as well as, over 35+ years of experience in shipping internationally. With our contacts, resources and experience, we can offer both air, ocean services, and containers for large shipments.


Important note: All information provided to us will be confidential to Pack-n-Send, Inc., and will never be sold for commercial use.

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