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When you are looking at international shipping companies, there a myriad of considerations.

Has the company shipped internationally before?

Do they offer both container shipping, air shipping and cubic meter shipping?

Come prepared with a list and the value of the items that you are shipping. That way the freight preparation company can look at the least expensive way to send your items. Time may be of a factor so air shipping may the best shipping alternative.  If time is not of the essence, ocean shipping may be the way to  pack and send your items. International shipping is easy when you use a shipping company that has experience.

Once you have prepared your list, and have located the packing and shipping services, you need to make sure that the country you are shipping to will accept the item or items that you are sending. There are specific lists for each country of items that are not allowed into their country. Both USPS and DHL websites contain lists of the prohibited items for each country.

Look for a company that will price each of your shipments individually.  The best shipping method for your first shipment may change when you transport other items the second or third time that you are shipping internationally. Sometimes you can ship in a custom built crate. Other times, shipping on a pallet is recommended.  A 20 foot container may work for your first shipment. Maybe a 40 foot container or a 40 foot high cube is needed for your next two shipments.

When you are researching for an international moving companies feel free to contact  pack n send in Houston.  We have been in business since 1981 and are here to answer your international moving questions.