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international cargo shipping.jpgInternational packing and shipping takes careful attention in order for nothing to be damaged and to make sure you don’t pack any restricted items. And if you have family or friends back home in Great Britain and are working in the U.S. you might want to know more about international packing and shipping. 

Depending on the items you are shippshipper ing, you may want to have them professional packed, especially if they are fragile. An international packing and shipping company  can use double boxing, packing, peanuts, Styrofoam, custom crating, and more to make sure whatever you are shipping arrives safely. So if you need to know how to ship a single piece of furniture overseas, or need to ship a box, you need to us a professional packing company.

Besides the packing process, it is important to know what can and cannot be shipped. There are some restrictions specific to Great Britain to note. To view the whole list, click here. Some restrictions are aerosols, animals, holiday poppers, goods made in foreign prisons, lottery tickets, and switchblade knives.

If you work with an oil company and have been sent to the U.S. you might have items you buy here you want to ship back home. These could be gifts for those at home or things you buy here that you will want in your home when you return that you can’t travel with. If you find yourself making a lot of shipments home, a shipping company can help you find the most cost effective ways to do so. If you find furniture or other larger items here you want to ship home, the furniture can be palletized and put in a shipping container. Smaller items can travel via air.

If you need help with international packing and shipping to Great Britain, contact us today at Pack n Send.