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Can I ship anything I want to any country in the world?

The answer is no.  There are embargoed countries that the United States does not ship to. Each and every country that accepts goods from the United States supplies a list of items that are not allowed into each respective country. Arms, ammunition and hazardous materials  are often on the list. Some countries exclude religious items, gambling items and even decks of playing cards.

Governments often require import permits for medications and other items  before they can enter the country . We suggest  researching the country that you are shipping to before you contract to have an item delivered.

Do I need a complete shipping address in order to send something out of the United States?

The answer is yes. You also need to provide a contact name and phone number.  If possible, add the email  address to the shipping documents.

Should I send items via ocean or air shipping?

This all depends on the  dimensions and weight of the items that you are shipping. A standard rule is that you have more than nine cubic meters of goods, it will be cost effective to ship inside of a container.  Shipping by ocean takes longer than shipping by air.  Air shipping is based on dimensions and weigh and is a much faster shipping option.

With ocean shipping, you can fit a lot of merchandise inside of a 20 foot shipping container. For larger shipments, a  40 foot shipping container will hold all of the merchandise that you want to ship.

Options for air shipping include direct shipping to a residence or business.  Sometimes it  costs less to have packages sent to an airport, where the recipient clears it through customs and picks up the package themselves.

For more information on international  cargo shipping, international air shipping,  or international logistics, please feel free to contact us.